There's a better way.Earn recurring income.

Webmasters don't want to pay for dead themes and plugins or functionality bloat. But they will support development by the people they love, for the software features and functionality they want. We make it easy for you.

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A better way to develop software

With MakeWP, build a relationship with webmasters by offering them a monthly membership. They support your development, and in return you allow them to have a say and get support.

  • New, recurring income stream

    Spinning-up a sales platform and communicating with potential customers is a lot of work. Get recurring income payments delivered to your bank account regularly.

  • Direct, meaningful connections

    Forget faceless, and disintermediated one-time payments. We show you your real customers, and through our platform they help you prioritize development and get support.

  • Integrated license management

    We remove the headaches of license management by providing a templated framework and clear, consolidated view of customer licenses.

  • Code hosting and version control

    Who uses SVN?! You know and love Github, as do we. In fact, we use all the same tech stacks that make you efficient.

  • Integrated auto updates

    When you push to Github, we push it live (after security checks). It's that easy. One codebase. One push. Happy customer with new updates.

  • Comprehensive analytics

    Analytics are natively integrated with MakeWP, helping you understand your customers and improve your software.

  • No hassle marketing and sales

    You love developing software and solving problems. Leave the marketing, sales, accounting and other boring stuff to us. Just tell us where to deliver your sales payments.

  • Integrated support

    Help customers troubleshoot, find and squash bugs, prioritize your development roadmap with customer input, and much more.

Ready to be awesome?

Create freemium plugins with a clear upgrade path to premium (without resorting to ads and unsolicited notifications in the admin panel).

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